The Pollyanna Principle =love =happy =gratitude =gladness =kindness=positive =the bright side =healing =self help =connected =a drop a ripple an ocean =inner peace =world peace


Making Creating, art=manifesting

Here is what i have been working on recently, a range of ceramics. I have hand painted and printed on each and they are all individual, with my words and poems and quotes scratched into them 🙂 I hope you enjoy my creations. Te biggest warmest gratitude is for my beautiful gracious friend Eliza Emmins …

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‘Think Like a Mountain’ installation

I made some monoprints out of frustration. Out of having no communication. I made some prints to express my thoughts and anger and feeling, to let it go and get it out. And then created an installation in an exhibtiom I curated 'blackburn Printfest'. Art is a great way to release and express. I based …

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