The story of Venus

The story of Venus, and how she came to be. Firing red in the vast dark sky. Who is she? A beautiful girl, a woman, a lady, a female energy. She is present in all, in boy, girl, man, woman. We can all harness her powers. Of love. She is the goddess of unconditional love. She is radiant, a burning …

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Wellbeing as art

I have been mulling over ideas recently. Ideas of what I can create and manifest into being my job, my source of abundance and way to share my Dharma with the world, now I'm homeschooling noah. It starting with me thinking (after spending 3 months in a library) of applying for funding to research and …

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When your lost you can be found, by yourself. (By me)

This is a poem about loosing yourself Being so caught up you loose touch with your health, wrapped up in wealth. Hypnosis feeding us unconscious restriction, spending our life in constant contradiction. We are not taught life's only rule is one you can not learn from school Everything is you, everything is everything. You are …

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