FOUND, will I ever be? Bound, just like the sa. Answered. Silence. Echoed. Coaches. Like autumn. 'You will never know the longing of my heart-for even I do not know it' she awakens in the bizarre of moments. Closed. Down a rabbit hole. Are you aware of your own? Your own? FOUND. Will we ever …

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What Is The Solution?

What is the solution? Do you believe in turning over a new leaf? Can we see the beauty of the leaf we stand on? Hang on, Why not try jumping in the leaves, kicking despair up in the air Or stare at another's joy, let it ignite fire to, maybe giggle? Twitch, wiggle- and want …

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You Deserve (A poem for dad on farther’s day)

Your deserve health You deserve wealth You deserve self Love To be above All earthly worries Be carried by flurries Of wind To be relieved of sin To begin With every-step You deserve what's next To digest in a cosmic soup An infinite loop Of purity You deserve hands To understand All lifes plans And …

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