Tears Heal

All is healed


REVEALED I am love

History our story

calling water

water, flow freely- healing

Take the pain


ears cursed- in medicine- verb- learned to be- alone- Old- In cold

I turn the hot on

Stoned- Honed- in- Roamed free—- teach me- dreams

I sleep- peep

Behind- behind- blind- i choose to be

Seen- heard- bled- dry

Invisible portals open- OPEN

Holding- woes- pouring- SOARING around- ground

Down-sound- healing-gardening- BEAMING


Please stop- war- contrast- horror- they happen

but a part of me feels like they are just stories- acting-acting fear- hate- rebellion

playing puppets

out drops- ripple reaction


Plays- i pray- don’t slay- monsters- cloaked- soaking in- out

Satisfaction is lying- prying- crying on record- cords-out- flown- thrown- through

the barriers broken- born- play now- in manifestation- screen- seen

with in beams- i cant say its all- unreal

but i feel strongly against- murder

i say no to the herder of fear.

here i am

a can- i open and choose to believe

reveal- revered- revealed- revered

tears- heal

That’s all i know

let them flow

tears heal

in them seeds form

futures can be born

tears heal

can mend what was once torn

tears heal

return us to the source


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